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Our Story Since 1996
In Real Life. Looking Forward To Partying Like It's 2019!

SCOOZI EVENTS is a Full-Service Innovative Company that is rewriting the narrative of catering & events. Our iconic approach has awarded us many honors such as "New York City's Most Creative Catering Company".

We're obsessively passionate about catering events that will make your jaw drop and your eyes sparkle with childlike wonder.

Imaginative in our thinking, yet superbly in tune with the environment and detailed in our execution.

We create one-of-a-kind experiences to leave a bold impression.

We are excited to push boundaries and build new moments.

Choose Scoozi to plan the impossible and unimaginable!

Ecologically Harmless With Three Stars To Prove It!

How we reduce our carbon footprint. 

We Focus on Earth Friendly & Organic Food with sustainable and creative execution. We put a maniacal focus on creating plant based options that even a carnivore would salivate for!

Our Kitchen practices Zero Waste guidelines!

And as always  We compost. We up-cycle décor. We repurposed fry oil. We use all earth friendly cleaning supplies.

We buy locally and all of our food is sustainable.

And when your event is over, we donate leftover event food to people in need.

Certified Green Before if was Fashionable! 

Green Restaurant Certified Logo
Certified Green With Three Stars! Caring For The Environment before it was Fashionable!
Rescuing Leftover Cuisine Logo
Scoozi donates All leftover food from weekly events to Rescuing Leftover Cuisine Inc.