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SCOOZI EVENTS is a NYC based full-service catering and event company. Our unique approach, has awarded us many honors such as "New York City's Most Creative Catering Company". We are proud to be certified green with three stars by the Green Restaurant Association. Scoozi recycle’s, composts, and uses eco-friendly products in an effort to continue reducing our carbon footprint. The goal is to provide our clients an unmatched experience, from décor to cuisine; the true magic is in our details. We specialize in personalized opportunities, to breathe life into your ideas, and create lasting memories. Scoozi's creativity can only be experienced firsthand, and we are excited to push boundaries and build new moments!


let us count the ways...

 Organic Produce, Dairy, and Local Products

Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies

We Recycle Our Cooking Oil to Fuel Diesel Engines and Oil Burners

We Contribute To Minimizing Our Carbon Footprint With Vegetarian Staff meals

Post Event Food Donations

We Actively Compost, Donating Food Scraps To Local Growers Who Add Them To Their Soil For Added Nutrients And To

Fuel Plant Growth



Caring for the environment before it was Fashionable!

142 W. 83rd St New York, NY 10024 | 212.799.0080
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